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Happy and Calm: Mental Health Strategies for FIFO Workers

Isolation from your regular support networks can be stressful.

As a FIFO worker, without the familiarity of your friends and family to lend an ear, making sure you’re in a healthy state of mind can be more challenging. After all, the blurry line between loneliness and diagnosed depression can be difficult to recognise and with the added pressure of long working hours and unfamiliar surroundings, staying healthy and happy might take some extra effort.

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Tips On Starting Your Career at an RTO

The world of engineering trades offers a variety of employment opportunities.

If you’ve ever thought of pursuing a career in the fabrication field, the first steps are to find the best possible course to gain your qualifications.

To find out how studies at an RTO, such as Ringwood Trade Training Facility (RTTF), can help launch your fresh employment opportunities in a stable new career, we’ve answered some common questions with the help of their Centre Manager; Joe Pollock.

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Drug Free Workplace

Ice on the Job – a Chilling Reality for the Australian Construction Industry

As unions raise concerns about the increased use of methamphetamines, drug tests could soon become mandatory on every Australian construction site including smaller commercial and industrial projects.

According to recent media reports, the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) is so worried about the increasing use of ice by workers in high-risk workplaces that mandatory on-site drug testing is not far away. This measure would become compulsory across the board.

A CFMEU spokesman confirmed that, with recent near-misses in the construction industry in the last few years, the union is getting closer to finalising trials of saliva-testing on construction sites across the country.

Continued talks with some of Australia’s largest construction companies put the national roll-out of uniform impairment testing firmly on the agenda, with the spokesman quoted as saying that drug testing on-site “should be mandatory and it should be blanket”.

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