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Progress on the Roy Hill Iron project slowed down in January due to safety concerns, brought about by damage to one of the cranes being used. Construction was only impinged upon in the area in which the crane in question was being used, elsewhere construction continued as planned, but the area effected saw six weeks of major disruption. Despite the setback the project is still looking to see production start in September sometime this year (2015); and reach its goal of a 55 million tonne capacity sometime in 2017.

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How To Write A Successful Construction Resume. 7 Critical Tips To Nailing It……Pun Intended

By CV Jedi, The Construction Resume Writing Specialists

The period of time you have spent with previous employers (length of tenure) is important…

This is one of the biggest areas many of the construction we see can improve on. It’s super important that your resume reflects longevity. Employers want to know that if they hire you and spend time and effort training you that in return you will stick around for the long haul. They base the chances of that happening on your previous employment history. If you have worked for 10 different companies in the last 3 years it isn’t going to be a good look. Here are some tips to help out;

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