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10 Saboteurs – #2 Learn Nothing From Your Past

Sometimes the reason we’re trapped in doubts about what’s possible is that we haven’t really dealt with the past. How do you feel about the last year? What went right? What went wrong? It’s only after we learn the lessons from the past year that we can begin to plan something better for the next.

By intentionally listing and considering all of the outcomes you experienced over the previous year, you literally force yourself to confront the recollection of what went well … and perhaps what didn’t go so well. The results you experience from doing this step in learning from the past, occur because when you recollect, you allow yourself to relive some, or maybe all, of the experiences – the elations, the frustrations, the disappointments, the surprises.


10 Saboteurs – #1 Doubt You Can Succeed

Now if I had a dollar for every time I chose to doubt I could do something, then I would be a millionaire several times over. And this impossibility is the only way I could generate surplus from an attitude of deficiency. The rationale behind ‘doubting success’ as a deficient world view, is due to what it takes to choose doubt.

Doubt essentially is the ‘what if’ question surround what we perceive is a possibility. Our brains represent what our mind thinks, that when tests have been done on what our brain activity looks like when we literally frame a thought of doubt on being successful to achieve a goal we represent as successful, the electrical signals representing our physical thought activity ( our neurology ) become fractured and diluted across a wider region of our frontal lobe.



10 Saboteurs For Your New Year

As we move into the new year and begin to look forward to what can be accomplished, its handy to know before you encounter the challenges ahead, what the 10 most prolific self-sabotage strategies are that people will not even know they’re employing in their goal achievement. These can range from being mildly distracting and delaying the completion of your goals, to being fatal and completely destroying your hope and encouragement for what you aspired to work for.

Overarching all of these 10 goal achievement saboteurs is what I call the ‘patron of failure’ – and no its not fear, although it does require fear to be present. This in turn invites a self-focus around what you’re missing out on, and coupled with reacting, will inevitably derail your goal achievement efforts.  Continue reading


Welcome To 2016!

Welcome everyone to 2016! At ConstructionHunter, we have additional services planned for you to make your engagement with news, development in projects, career opportunities, support, and development, our broad focus for this year.

You will begin to notice very soon an emphasis on providing relevant, personal and career resources to strengthen your confidence in effortlessly identifying real opportunities, and helping you to map out an understanding – with practical suggestions and tools – on how to capitalise on those career opportunities constantly unfolding in this construction and mining industry.  Continue reading