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new project new acland stage 3

Project NEW : New Acland Stage 3

For more than a decade, the New Acland open cut coal mine has been a major employer and economic spur to the Darling Downs region. It provides direct jobs for more than 300 locals, 160 contractors, and contributes to 2300 more indirect jobs.

New Acland is a substantial and loyal supporter of local businesses and suppliers, injecting more than $110 million into the Darling Downs economy each year and over $300 million into the broader southeast Queensland economy each year. Continue reading

Best To Research Offers And Find Savings Before Switching Off Gas

CONSUMER Gas 2Despite the forecast by the Australian Energy Market Operator of a looming shortage of gas on the country’s east coast, consumer groups believe it’s too early to advise people whether to switch away from gas. Households should instead research the most competitive offers available from across the range of energy providers, according Energy Consumers Australia (ECA). Continue reading


A New (Free ) Premium Service For You…

The industry leaders are saying it, the market pundits are confirming it, the service industries supporting construction and mining are noticing it … there is a sustained mini boom happening in the mining industry, and its likely to last for the next 2-3 years.

As a result of this new initiative within the industry, the team here at Construction Hunter have figured it would be helpful to make sure you kept aware of not only what is happening in news updates, project opportunities, and career developments, but also what is happening in the broader markets.

What Is The Value You Gain From This Service? Continue reading

Bhp Backs Carbon Price

Bhp Backs Carbon PriceGlobal mining heavyweight BHP Billiton has backed “a price on carbon emissions” as part of its submission to the Finkel Review of Australia’s energy system. The apparent endorsement of the Emissions Intensity Scheme (EIS) backed by federal Labor and the Climate Change Authority was accompanied by a call for the government to fund carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology. Continue reading