Agility Project Logistics

Agility is one of Australia’s largest logistics and industry solution providers. Business and industrial clients are offered services that include freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution, and project logistics supported by a strong 3PL network.

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Established in 1948 and operating in over 100 countries worldwide, Agility has major office locations all over Australia, the head office is located in Melbourne.

Agility’s extensive customer base is offered cost-saving solutions to various sectors such as oil and gas, natural resources, as well as automotive and hi-tech business and retail. Leading international consumer brands move large quantities of merchandise through Agility’s distribution channels. Global telecommunication and electronics manufacturers have also used Agility for security and loss-prevention expertise.

Specialisation in food product storage, packaging and delivery is also available. Moreover, the company owns 47,000sqm of warehouse space throughout Australia.

Agility is responsible for supplying the Gorgon Project (Australia’s largest natural gas resource project in history) full supply base operations and transportation services. Also offering customers remote site services in construction, facilities management and catering, Agility is the ideal candidate for offshore and/or remote project logistics.

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