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A New Project Job Service

Moving towards a service that informs you, offers new information about a job opportunity service with project updates and news, comes our latest and most in-demand service we have been requested to provide: new job contract offers for existing and new projects.

Why Is This Valuable To You?

Because we can now access specific contracting opportunities as they become available within existing projects and new projects.

How Can I Benefit From This?

By reviewing the specific contracting roles now actively being sought by the companies who are announcing winning the contracts and seeking qualified personnel to help fill them.

What Do I Need To Do?

1/ Update your ConstructionHunter profile online.

2/ Express your interest in being considered for the work by visiting the Info Page here.

3/ We’ll contact you within 48 hours to review your profile to discuss your candidacy for the role.

Where Can I Learn More About This New Recruiting Service You Are Providing?

Stay tuned for updates on finding out more about our new service for you and getting the inside access to locating the jobs and contacts to directly connect you with the opportunities.

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A New (Free ) Premium Service For You…

The industry leaders are saying it, the market pundits are confirming it, the service industries supporting construction and mining are noticing it … there is a sustained mini boom happening in the mining industry, and its likely to last for the next 2-3 years.

As a result of this new initiative within the industry, the team here at Construction Hunter have figured it would be helpful to make sure you kept aware of not only what is happening in news updates, project opportunities, and career developments, but also what is happening in the broader markets.

What Is The Value You Gain From This Service? Continue reading

CareerPOINT : 2017 Is For Improvement

career-improvement2017 is for improvement. Many of us worked hard and adjusted to the new schedules and project plans; commodity prices were highly volatile, our market demand receded, here an overseas, and some punters in the press indicated we might be in for a slow year.

Not so it would seem. Commodities prices look like they are relatively firm, and the industry overall indicates continued growth through 2017. The question is, “What area of your career is open to improvement, and being assisted by other resources other than your own, to help you do this? Continue reading

CareerPOINT : 2017 Is For Growth

update-resumeWelcome to 2017. This year is a year for growth and consolidating your career prospects. Recently interviewing a specialist in OH&S on maintenance in an engineering specialization, led me to gain a broader picture of the specific opportunities open to members in the mining industry.

In preparation for this, employers will be reviewing their specific labour needs, and in the process will qualify those members who are up to date in their qualifications and experience. Now is the time to ensure your qualifications are up to date. Continue reading

CoachPOINT : Changing Horizons

ChangingHorizonsA season ahead can be like a weather change. You know its coming, and you may even know what to dress like for when it arrives, but what are you doing to make sure you’re ready to switch into the weather change when it arrives? Ensuring you are ready is the necessity of preparation to make the most of every opportunity.

Change can be an inconvenience at the best of times, incredibly ill-timed at the worst of times, and yet change invites us to grow and navigate the opportunities to both actively engage results we’re seeking, and reflect on the progress of results so far obtained. Continue reading

News : Kidman Cattle Co Approved To Rinehart

KidmanCattleCoThe sale of Kidman cattle empire has been approved by Treasurer Scott Morrison, with the empire now belonging to mining magnate Gina Rinehart and a Chinese consortium.
In a statement, Mr Morrison said a local farming family would acquire the largest station in the Kidman group, Anna Creek, and its outstation The Peake. >> Read full story here

CoachPOINT : Studio Apartment Thinking

StudioApartmentThinking-150x150The rise of studio apartment living has both challenged us to move beyond the known boundaries of how we can experience life in the traditional layout of a home or large unit, and invited us to consider how we could re prioritize our categorization of life in how we live it with resources outside our apartment.

When you break this down and apply it into your life, you’re simply engaging a strategy applying to a living environment, and internalize it into the way you would need to think to support making choices to sustain this environment.

“Micro living is simply a representation of how we think about living.”

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CoachPOINT : Your First PET

Positive-Attitude-150x150YOUR first PET is not your first pet, nor is it your first ‘pet’. Its your first ‘positive empowering thought’ you become aware of as you face the opportunities to achieve what is important to you. And by focussing on your PET, you also create the outlook and belief about what is possible, and therefore include yourself as being the person of possibility to make it happen.

The way we become aware of our first PET when facing a challenge, is to notice how we are framing the challenge, and the limits we choose to notice in our thinking around this. When you do this, then you give yourself permission to explore the contrast of this known limiting thought, the possibility. Now you are beginning…

“Overcoming a challenge begins with contrasting a limiting view with a different possibility.”

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