CoachPOINT : Studio Apartment Thinking

StudioApartmentThinking-150x150The rise of studio apartment living has both challenged us to move beyond the known boundaries of how we can experience life in the traditional layout of a home or large unit, and invited us to consider how we could re prioritize our categorization of life in how we live it with resources outside our apartment.

When you break this down and apply it into your life, you’re simply engaging a strategy applying to a living environment, and internalize it into the way you would need to think to support making choices to sustain this environment.

“Micro living is simply a representation of how we think about living.”

One of the key change distinctions this is having upon people’s outlook for what they consider possible for their future, is the challenge of maintaining relevance and integration – relationships – to support the value of other things integrated, but not directly associated to achieving the same experience.

The downside is a fragmenting and disjointedness to people’s planning for their future. The upside is the challenge to learn a new way of thinking to at least internalize how things are related, so that distraction from focussing on what you want to achieve is eliminated, and you’re clear on what you want to achieve.

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