CoachPOINT : Changing Horizons

ChangingHorizonsA season ahead can be like a weather change. You know its coming, and you may even know what to dress like for when it arrives, but what are you doing to make sure you’re ready to switch into the weather change when it arrives? Ensuring you are ready is the necessity of preparation to make the most of every opportunity.

Change can be an inconvenience at the best of times, incredibly ill-timed at the worst of times, and yet change invites us to grow and navigate the opportunities to both actively engage results we’re seeking, and reflect on the progress of results so far obtained.

The only thing certain about life is it’s Gala Invitation to the Ball of Change.

The resourceful thing you can do with change is to bring yourself into a position of recognizing the opportunities – the options – for the different ways you can move forward towards achieving the goals you want to achieve. And what is this thing? Simply being open and aware to the prospect of moments and ‘pivots’ in time for a change to occur.

We all want change to bring the experiences and results we know we will enjoy, and yet sometimes they seem to be fleeting and far, other times, there appears to be many different options all at the same time. The important thing is preparation.

“For in preparation, when the opportunity arrives with many options, the content of your preparation will help you decide which option to select.”

Q: What changes are you aware of are on the horizon between now and early next year you have been looking forward to? How are you preparing for them? Leave your comment below. Subscribe for updates and insights.



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