‘FIFO ban’ bill to be introduced into QLD’s hung parliament


During Tuesday’s sitting, legislation to ban 100% fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) mine workforces will be introduced into Queensland’s hung parliament.Labor had promised to bring an end to 100% FIFO resource projects during the state election, having the concern that people who live in regional areas should have the chance to apply for positions at nearby mining sites.

100% FIFO operations that already exist will also be forced to consider locals for employment if the Strong and Sustainable Resource Communities Bill should pass.

The bill will be introduced on Tuesday by the Natural Resources Minister Anthony Lynham.

The House will also debate legislation to lift a statute of limitations dictating when child sex abuse survivors can pursue damages, which will have bipartisan support.

But parliament is likely to be in for a long and fiery session when the House debates Labor’s serious and organised crime reforms.




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