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Meet Ginny, The Mine Rescue Dog

Although you would have heard of girls like Ginny, she’s definitely one-of-a-kind. Born on April 10th 2010, Ginny’s favourite meal consists of chicken and rice dog food – and she just so happens to be a Dutch Shepherd.

They’re the heroes that save lives, thanks to a program teaching canines to rescue humans based on extensive training and natural instincts.

These well trained heroes have been assisting rescue missions for years including in the recovery of victims in the devastating events of 9/11.

Ginny though, is the first ever canine to be trained and employed specifically as a miners search and rescue dog for coal mining operations.

Ginny is trained to navigate both surface and underground coal mine rescues and is reliant predominantly on her incredible and life-saving senses.

Recruited by one of America’s largest miners of coal – Alpha Natural Resources, she began training at only 3 days old.

Ginny’s extensive skill-set was the result of her training with Applied K9 Technologies, explained below in Alpha’s rescue dog video.

Stage 1#
Consists of a combination of both obedience and search/find/alert on human scent.

Stage 2#
Familiarity and integration with the mine rescue teams and acclimation into underground and surface coal mines, rubble piles, wilderness areas and agility areas.

‘With her strong sense of smell and intense training, she can locate humans under extremely dangerous and difficult conditions, even if the people are unresponsive or invisible to the human eye,’ advises Alpha.

Meet Ginny – Alpha’s Mine Rescue Dog from Starscape Media on Vimeo.

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