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Sex Sells: The rise of the working girl

The world’s oldest profession is seeing a massive boom in mining towns.

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The mining boom sent workers flooding into isolated mining towns, separated for long periods from family, friends, and pretty much all of civilization.

The predominately male populated workforce found themselves to be very lonely, and the working girl saw the opportunity to make some cash, thus began the prostitution boom.

Following the scores of bored or lonely men with cash burning holes in their pockets, came droves of sex workers all too willing to lend a hand in the spending.

Remote mining towns became the perfect destination for brothels and escorts. “They’re young, they’re dumb, they’ve got lots of money, and there is no shame in going to a brothel”, explains one working girl (quoted by Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore, Slate).

As with FIFO workers these women work weeks on, weeks off flying in from their homes in other states, or in some cases other countries.

The high demand for sex workers and the opportunity to make some serious cash is encouragement enough for these women to join the FIFO lifestyle; known as fly-in, fly-out women.

As with mining; the sex industry is profitable for Australia’s economy, and as with mining, it is a controversial topic, but for very different reasons.

The constantly changing laws of the sex work industry are cause enough for debate, along with the fact that the laws vary from state to state.

In Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Australian Capital Territory; prostitution and brothels are legal.

In Western Australia, Tasmania and Northern Territory; prostitution is legal but brothels are not.

Despite three attempts to decriminalise sex work in South Australia all forms of prostitution are still illegal.

The State’s refusal to legalise the sex industry has only left the door open for corruption, violence and vulnerability.

The criminal element has not done a lot to sway sex workers in South Australia, with an estimation of over a thousand prostitutes working in secret.

Likewise in State’s such as Western Australia, where prostitution is legal but brothels are not, there are still many well-known brothels in operation.

Prostitution by State:

Victoria: Brothel prostitution is legal, street prostitution is not.

NSW: Brothel and street prostitution is legal.

QLD: Brothel prostitution and single operators are legal, street prostitution is not.

South Australia: All forms of prostitution are illegal.

Western Australia: Prostitution is legal but brothels and pimping are not.

Tasmania: Self-employed prostitution is legal, brothels and pimping are not.

ACT: Prostitution, brothels and escort agencies are legal.

Northern Territory: Self-employed prostitution and escort agencies are legal; brothels and street prostitution are not.

 by Sarah Frendo

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