Unions Push Government To Support Palmers Qld Refinery

Clive Palmer’s struggling nickel refinery in Townsville has the backing of unions who have supported efforts to get support from the Queensland Government.

Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill and Treasurer Curtis Pitt will meet together today to discuss possible support for the company. 

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Queensland Nickel is in a dire financial position and could face unspecified consequences if its parent company lost an unrelated legal battle, a Western Australian court heard this week.

The Australian Workers Union’s Cowboy Stockham said it was also seeking an urgent meeting with the company’s senior management.

“We really need to sit down, we’ve got some serious discussions to have, mainly with regard to if it were the unfortunate case the plant did shut and the port operations did shut, we want to know if workers’ entitlements are secure,” he said.

He said he would welcome any help.

“Anything at all to keep the place viable and keep it open is going to be a good thing,” he said.

“We’d [be] looking at a ballpark figure of about a thousand jobs and the knock-on effect of that and the effect it has on the economy and the community are at least threefold.”





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