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Mining industry hits out at expected blow for Australian coal power

The mining industry has raised “serious concern” following reports that this week’s final Finkel review on the Future Security of the National Electricity Market may rule out modernized coal-fired power stations. An emphasis on renewable energy sources and gas will take its place, according to the Minerals Council of Australia executive for coal, Greg Evans, …

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Word On The Street – 10.04.2017

Welcome to the first ‘Word On The Street’ post we’re making at ConstructionHunter.

The Big Talking Point

Property, and its activity, has been plastered all over the press for the last week. Seems like the punters in this space have sought to get clarity from the banking sector, and thought by amassing large volumes of jabber about the subject, it might help to quell some fears around the corner of house prices. Continue reading


A New Project Job Service

Moving towards a service that informs you, offers new information about a job opportunity service with project updates and news, comes our latest and most in-demand service we have been requested to provide: new job contract offers for existing and new projects.

Why Is This Valuable To You?

Because we can now access specific contracting opportunities as they become available within existing projects and new projects.

How Can I Benefit From This?

By reviewing the specific contracting roles now actively being sought by the companies who are announcing winning the contracts and seeking qualified personnel to help fill them.

What Do I Need To Do?

1/ Update your ConstructionHunter profile online.

2/ Express your interest in being considered for the work by visiting the Info Page here.

3/ We’ll contact you within 48 hours to review your profile to discuss your candidacy for the role.

Where Can I Learn More About This New Recruiting Service You Are Providing?

Stay tuned for updates on finding out more about our new service for you and getting the inside access to locating the jobs and contacts to directly connect you with the opportunities.

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