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Creating a profile on Construction Hunter is easy and it’s free!

Just three steps to start searching for your next job.

Step 1 – Register (click here to register)

To register with Construction Hunter all you need is an email and a password, or to make things even simpler you can sign in using your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.


Step 2 – Create Your Profile

Once you have registered for an account and verified your email you can start designing your profile. Your profile will act as your job application; it is your chance to make a good first impression on potential employers and will determine your employability.

You no longer have to fill out individual applications every time you want to apply for a job. The pre-filled profile creates a simpler one application method that allows you to apply for any job on Construction Hunter with the click of a button.

 Personal Details

Complete all eight sections of the profile to ensure that you are providing employers with all of the information that they need.

Remember that on Construction Hunter it is possible for companies looking to hire to search for candidates based on a set of criteria. The more information that you include in your profile the more discoverable you will be in the database. 

secure storage

The automated application process makes applying for jobs easier for you the candidate. You only have to fill out your information once and it will be saved for future applications.



Save time on your profile with Construction Hunters pre-existing list of Occupations, Licenses, Qualifications, and Safety Tickets, or if you can’t find what you want add your own.

Upload all of the necessary files and include five years of work history to never have to fill out an application again. If you do not include all of the relevant material you are reducing your chances of getting hired!

Step 3 – Start Hunting

You’re good to go! Search Construction Hunter for jobs, create job alerts that are sent directly to your email, and apply for any position instantly.


Your profile lets you keep track of job alerts and applications, create and manage contacts, and communicate with other members.



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