East West Link Project – Stage One: Eastern Section

Lead Company: A State Government Initiative
State: VIC
Summary: One of the largest infrastructure projects to ever be developed in Australia
Project Progress: Committed
Employment in Construction Phase: 3,700
Total Planned Investment: $8,000 million

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Stage one of the Linking Melbourne Authority’s East West Link project involves the development of a 6km roadway that will connect the existing Eastern Freeway with CityLink. The construction contract has been awarded to the East West Connect group but the commencement of operations awaits finalisation of the contract.

Construction will include; a bridge directing northbound traffic from Hoddle Street onto the Eastern Freeway, an entrance into the tunnel just past the Eastern Freeway, access into and out of the tunnel towards the east via an interchange at Elliott Avenue, a tunnel portal allowing northbound and southbound access to CityLink from around the Upfield rail line. Improvements for Ormond Road, Flemington Road and Elliott Avenue, and a new roadway alongside CityLink that will connect traffic to the Port area.

The development of this project would redirect between 80,000 and 100,000 vehicles, thus reducing the build-up of traffic on current roads. The East West link will create more direct paths to different areas in Melbourne making it quicker and easier to get where you need to go. It will also decrease the reliance on the M1 by providing an alternative route when the current connection is interrupted.

As part of the plan to make Melbourne more accessible the project will include $108 million worth of improvements for public transport. The money will go towards an upgrade of the Doncaster Area Rapid Transit (DART) bus service, improving tram services and restoring Alexandra Parade.

Contractors for the project include:

East West Connect

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