Longford Gas Conditioning Plant

Longford Gas Conditioning Plant

Location: Sale – Gippsland, VIC
Project Manager: Esso Australia
Project Owner: Esso Australia
Budget: $1.0Bn
Stage: Committed What does this mean?
Jobs: Construction 350

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Esso Australia is building a Gas Conditioning Plant at its existing Longford facilities near Sale in south-eastern Victoria. It is being constructed on private land already occupied by the company, zoned for industrial use and adjacent to the existing Longford facilities.

The Gas Conditioning Plant will process gas associated with the largest domestic gas development on Australia’s eastern seaboard, the multi-billion dollar Kipper Tuna Turrum (KTT) Project.

It is an important project for the Gippsland region in particular, creating in excess of 400 construction jobs as well as delivering other indirect employment opportunities.

Key approvals have been obtained to enable construction activities to progress.

Esso has awarded the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EP&C) contract, to build the Longford Gas Conditioning Plant to CBI Constructors Pty Ltd (CBI).  Construction employment opportunities for the Gas Conditioning Plant will be managed by CBI using traditional media and recruitment processes – see CBI Longford GCP Recruitment website.

Construction on the Gas Conditioning Plant began in December 2013.  The facility is expected to be operational in 2016.



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