State Drill Core Library

State Drill Core Library Relocation

Location: Tonsley Park, South Australia
Projected Manager: Hansen Yuncken
Project Owner: Department for Planning, Transport, and Infrustructure
Budget: $32.2 million
Phase: Under Construction

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Combining a total that exceeds 7.5 million meters of drill core material, the State Drill Core Library will bring together four other drill core libraries at one location, Tonsley Park. Not only will the new library hold the existing samples, which date back to 1886, it is being constructed with the intention of holding samples that are produced during the next twenty years, at least. Construction of the Library began in 2014, and is looking to be completed in either October or December of 2015, so that it can be opened early 2016. Glenside State Drill Core Reference Library, one that will see its contents moved to the new facility, has already been sold in order to help offset the expenses of the Tonsley Facility. Beach Energy (the company that purchased Glenside) has allowed for an 18 month lease back to the Government so that the samples can remain there until the new facility is complete.

Since the proposed facility will condense and collaborate multiple collections, it will allow private explores access to regional geological framework information at a lower cost than the current system. Further, it will reduce the geological risks involved in decision making in the private sector when they are scouting areas for more in depth exploration.

Thomson Rossi was hired as the project’s architect. The building itself sits on the main boulevard of the Tonsley site, and as of has been designed in a manner that isn’t harsh on the eye, the larger view of the building being designed to reflect a drill core sample itself.

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